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As a subsidiary of YAGEO, KoE provides one-stop-shopping to meet with diversified customer needs by handling Greater China-based distributors.

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KoE,as a subsidiary company of YAGEO Group, is established to handle local distributors which are located in Greater China region. We provide one-stop-shopping service to meet with customers' needs for diversified applications. Our product ranges include YAGEO’s SMD resistor, YAGEO’s Chip ceramic SMD capacitor, YAGEO filter, ceramic antenna, circuit protection component, KEMET’s ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitor, etc, Pulse’s inductor/transformer/filter, Chilisin’s Maglayers /Magictec inductor , Teapo’s electrolytic capacitor.

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Product Authenticity Verification

In order to protect the interests of customers in Greater China region, we had established verification system for you to check the authenticity of products (part number, batch number and material picture are required).
We guarantee to reply your email within 48 hours to verify the authenticity of the materials purchased for YAGEO, KEMET, Pulse, Chilisin/Maglayers /Magictec, Teapo. Welcome to utilize our system to ensure you had purchased genuine products from YAGEO.